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Don't Get Mad...Get Even



Players' front, middle and back rows are compared, and each row won is worth 1 point. If a player has won 2 of 3 rows, they win a total of 1 point (1+1-1). Additional points are awarded for a 'scoop' and also for sub-hands (rows) that qualify for royalties.

SCOOP - If a player wins all three rows, they have 'scooped' the opponent and receive a three point bonus. In total, scooping is worth 6 points: 1+1+1 for winning all three rows, and 3 for the scoop bonus.

TIES - An example of a common tie: player A wins two of three rows, e.g. the front and middle with a pair of 66 in front, and player B wins the back row with a straight. player A wins 1 point for taking 2 of 3 rows plus the 1 point royalty for 66 in front, for a total of 2 points. Player B, however, is awarded 2 points for the back row straight, and the scores cancel each other.

Another tie possibility happens rarely but will occur when, for example, player A wins one row, player B wins one row, and both players have the same hand in the third row (885 in front, i.e.).

FOULING - The penalty for fouling is -6 points; in other words, an automatic scoop for the opponent if they have a properly set hand. If a player has a QQ7 in front and QQ654 in the middle, this is a fouled hand. QQ7 in front and QQ982, however, is a proper set and is not a foul. If both players foul, the hand is a tie at 0 points.

ROYALTIES - Any sub-hand (row) that qualifies for royalties also gets points in a properly set hand. The royalty chart below shows the point values per poker hand made. Typical royalties can be +4 for a back row flush, or +7 for a front row pair of Queens.

All royalties are paid, so if player A has a flush in the back row (+4 points) and player B has a full house (+6 points), player A pays a net of +2 points to player B.

MULTI-WAY SCORING - When playing 3 handed, the first player dealt cards (first to act or under the gun) settles with each successive player until all debts are paid. Then, second to act player settles with the others, and so on. If a player fouls their hand, they automatically owe 6 points to each of the other players plus any royalties owed. Again, all royalties in non-fouled hands are paid.

Back Row Royalties

Straight-2 points
Flush-4 points
Full House-6 points
Quads (4 of a kind)-10 points
Straight Flush-15 points
Royal Flush-25 points

Middle Row Royalties

Three of a Kind-2 points
Straight-4 points
Flush-8 points
Full House-12 points
Quads (4 of a kind)-20 points
Straight Flush-30 points
Royal Flush-50 points

Front Row Royalties (pair of 6s or better)

66-1 point
77-2 points
88-3 points
99-4 points
TT-5 points
JJ-6 points
QQ-7 points
KK-8 points
AA-9 points

222-10 points
333-11 points
444-12 points
555-13 points
666-14 points
777-15 points
888-16 points
999-17 points
TTT-18 points
JJJ-19 points
QQQ-20 points
KKK-21 points
AAA-22 points

Fantasyland is an essential 'bonus' component to the game. You qualify to 'go to Fantasyland' if you have QQ or better in the front (without fouling).

When a player goes to Fantasyland, the other players are dealt and play a normal hand. They are dealt all thirteen cards at once, and they set their cards after seeing how other players set their hand. The button does not move for the Fantasyland hand -- it is considered an extension of the same hand.

STAYING IN FANTASYLAND - Quads or better in the back row or Trips in the front allows a player to remain in Fantasyland