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Angry Aces Poker Club actively participates in the monthly RGS United Union PokerBros Leaderboard for MTTs. Our players have the opportunity to compete for a portion of the 8,000 chips that are awarded each month. This is achieved through Point Payouts and our exclusive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Freerolls

RGS PokerBros MTT Leaderboard


The RGS MTT Leaderboard is an exciting feature that adds an additional competitive element to the game. It allows players to track their progress and compare their performance against others. Let's explore the details of how this leaderboard operates.

Players ranked 1-20 on the leaderboard will automatically be entered into the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Freerolls. Similarly, players ranked 1-50 will be entered into the Silver and Bronze Freerolls, while players ranked 1-100 will have entry into the Bronze Freeroll.


The ranking system of the RGS MTT Leaderboard is based on a point system. Each time you participate in a multi-table tournament (MTT) on the RGS platform, you earn points based on your performance. The more successful you are in tournaments, the higher you will climb on the leaderboard.


To earn points on the RGS MTT Leaderboard, you need to meet specific criteria. The number of points you receive depends on factors such as your finishing position in a tournament and the number of entrants. Here are some key factors that contribute to your point accumulation:

  1. Only Tournaments with the medal icon in the tournament description will count towards the MTT Leaderboard Promotion.

  2. Finishing position: The higher you finish in a tournament, the more points you will earn. For example, reaching the final table or securing a top-three position will yield a significant number of points.

  3. Tournament buy-in: The buy-in amount of the MTT also affects the points earned. Generally, higher buy-ins correspond to higher point rewards.

  4. Field size: The number of participants in a tournament also impacts the points earned. Triumphing over a large field adds more weight to your point accumulation compared to smaller tournaments.

It's important to note that your top ten finishes will be taken into consideration for the leaderboard standings.


The RGS MTT Leaderboard is regularly updated to ensure real-time tracking and competition among players. The leaderboard is generally updated weekly on Mondays. This allows players to monitor their progress, keep an eye on their competitors, and make strategic decisions accordingly.

To stay up to date with the latest leaderboard standings, you can visit our MTT Leaderboard page. Bookmarking this page will enable you to easily access the current rankings and track your progress in the MTT community.

Remember, the leaderboard is a dynamic feature that encourages players to constantly strive for improvement and showcase their skills. It adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the already thrilling world of online poker.

Join Angry Aces PokerBros club today and start competing on the MTT Leaderboard for exciting opportunities to win chips and gain entry into exclusive Freeroll tournaments at PokerBros clubs.

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